Vision & Mission

Serious Banking. Friendly Smiles.

We take our banking seriously and have built our bank on solid values. Our mission drives us and our reward is the smiles we get in return. We understand community banking very well, as confirmed by our customers who consistently rate our banking services and customer service as “excellent” on customer satisfaction surveys. We also enjoy what we do. Tremendously.


Our vision is to be the premier relationship-based bank in the communities we serve


Our mission is to greet you with a smile, to treat you as a neighbor, to serve you with gratitude and to manage your money and investments as if they are our own

Guiding Principles

  • We are a community bank whose success is built one relationship at a time
  • We are and will be altogether different in everything we do
  • We will provide safety, security, stability and peace of mind for our patrons
  • We will always endeavor to treat our patrons as neighbors, friends and family… because they are

The Journey To Date

At our inception, our Board of Directors and management identified and embraced a number of objectives to measure if we were working towards the vision of being the premier relationship bank in the communities we serve. These objectives included:

  1. Making banking fun while providing superior service and knowing our customers by name
  2. Offering ‘best in class’ banking products and services delivered professionally
  3. Integrating with the community by providing connection between customers, prospects, shareholders and associates
  4. Balancing the interests of customers, shareholders and associates to collectively achieve economic success
  5. Following the guiding principles with integrity and doing what is right

Our purposeful positioning and deliberate approach to steady and stable growth has provided success in our first five years of existence.

The Road Ahead

We have always focused on providing prosperity, opportunity and banking services that focus on our customers’ needs, rather than our growth.  We will remain steadfast in that focus as we continue to:

  1. Develop relationships with customers and the community
  2. Maintain conservative banking principles, while increasing profitability through expanded markets and new uses of funds
  3. Grow consistently in a safe and sound manner, while retaining excellent customer service