Business Matters: Online Bill Pay Without an Intermediary

October 6th, 2017

Adams Dairy Bank business services rival the biggest banks for completeness, ease of use and technology. But what’s even better, we don’t charge for business services and you speak with a local bank associate who knows you and your business. If you process payroll, pay
 the bills or sign the checks – there’s something everyone loves about business banking with Adams Dairy Bank.

Why We Cut Out the Middleman

Online bill pay eliminated much of the drudgery that came with paying bills. No more cutting checks, keeping stamps on hand, predicting snail mail delivery times or tracking down checks if they got lost and reissuing them.

Now, we simply log in to online banking, click a few buttons and voila – bills paid. However, along with writing and mailing checks, there is one more thing to get rid of that would make paying bills better. An intermediary.

Intermediary services are a step between you and your payment being issued. Think of it like a middleman standing between your account and accounts payable. Often that means your money is sitting in an account other than yours. Many, if not most, other banks use an intermediary service to distribute your online bill payments. We don’t.

Instead, we create payments using your account number, and the money is left in your account until the check is cashed or payment cleared. This benefits you, especially if you have an interest-bearing account. Cutting out the middleman lets us act immediately, as well as research any issues because we don’t have to go through an intermediary.

Unlimited online bill pay is included with online banking. Like always, with no monthly fees.