Bank Local

Great Things Happen When You Bank Local

When you spend your hard earned money at locally owned businesses, you are supporting your community. You are helping drive the economy in a place near and dear to your heart – home. What’s even better? Banking local! Watch our video to learn how you help grow our economy by banking local.

No Monthly Fees

Our Math Adds Up in the Favor of Business

Modesty aside, when you have outstanding, personal service and offer the best things for free you want to tell everyone about it. That’s especially the case when you know you can save businesses throughout Blue Springs and eastern Jackson County hundreds of dollars every month. Face to face, we can only tell so many people a day. A more efficient way to spread the word is to create an online video.

Business Deposits

Deposit Without Leaving Your Desk with Free Remote Deposit

A business needs its employees on the job, not running to the bank to make a deposit. But it also wants checks deposited quickly and the funds available in a few hours. Our free remote deposit kills two birds with one scanner, which we provide free of charge, maintain and replace when necessary. Plus, there is no per transaction fee. Want to see how remote deposit works?

Our Story

Our Story

Adams Dairy Bank is a full-service community bank serving the greater eastern Jackson County community. Based in Blue Springs, Mo., the Adams Dairy Bank associates, board members and 125 local shareholders are creating a banking-family environment by serving individuals, small- to mid-size business owners, and professional corporations in the region.