Not Yet an Adams Dairy Bank Customer?

Why not? Seriously, why not? Your answer could win you a free lunch. (Read on)

If you live, work or play in Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Lexington, Grain Valley, Odessa, Oak Grove or just about anywhere in eastern Jackson County you’ve probably seen us along I-70 and never thought twice about it.

And if you live in any of the communities we serve you might just bank at other banks. If so, then why have you landed on our website page? Maybe, just maybe – your current bank isn’t earning your love.

Here are just some of the ways Adams Dairy Bank is truly unique and the right bank for you.

Bank Local

When you bank at Adams Dairy Bank you are banking with a 100% locally owned and operated bank. And when you ‘bank local’ your deposits go to work helping your neighbors build a room edition, send a child to college or expand a business. When you bank elsewhere, those profits can leave a community.

No Monthly Fees. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Go ahead and look for the fine print. You won’t find it. When we tell you an account has no monthly fees, we mean it. Take business checking for example. If you open a business account with Adams Dairy Bank and maintain your balance you won’t get charged monthly account fees. Really! And we don’t charge for a host of other services either. You could save some serious cash when you switch to Adams Dairy Bank.

Smile. We do.

Maybe you do most of your banking online. That’s fine. We’d love to see your smiling faces but if you can’t come by – don’t worry. Bank from home or visit any of our ATMs around the city. And occasionally our website will make you smile.

A Different Bank

Think all banks in Blues Springs look alike and sound alike? Think again. Visit our website for a few minutes, swing by our drive-thru window or stop in our I-70 and Adams Dairy Bank Parkway location. We’re pretty certain you’ll see the difference.

If you want a truly local bank where someone knows your name and cares about you, your family and your business – you might give us a try. Just sayin’.

Free Lunch

Still not sure we’re the bank for you? Come have lunch with our bank President and CEO, David Chinnery. See if the big guy can convince you how different we are. (Or try to get the CEOs of those other banks to have lunch with you.)

Yes, I want to have lunch with the bank President and CEO, David Chinnery.