Dull, Lethargic Need Not Apply

April 10th, 2014

By David Charles Chinnery, President & CEO

ADB blog post


I visited the Sprint Center to watch the Big 12 tournament in March. Among all the excitement and fervor there was one tournament host that decided she had a responsibility for making our evening a memorable experience.

The hundreds of tournament hosts, concession workers, security personnel and countless others who work a big event at the Sprint Center and other venues go largely unnoticed. Their voices are muffled and their personalities hushed by the play on the court and the enthusiasm of the fans.

Among the arena workers that are often overlooked, one bright-eyed worker on the opening night of the tournament made my evening much more enjoyable because she came to work with passion.

My new favorite tournament host had a smile from ear to ear. She had a wry sense of humor and a quip for every situation. She genuinely cared that we find our seats with ease and knew which concession stands had the shortest wait. In our banter we learned that we had friends in common – local high school basketball players. Mostly, she was having great fun with all the fans.

For this stadium worker, her job wasn’t tedious or mundane. She brought a fire-in-the-belly attitude to her work. She brought passion. And she made my experience much more pleasurable simply because she came to work dedicated to the fan.

Each day countless people have the chance to make someone else’s day more exciting, more fun and more unforgettable simply by coming to work with passion. A day with passion is much better than a day filled with boredom and monotony. Zeal makes us smile. It brightens our day. It makes us optimistic and joyful. Passion is powerful.

So why would anyone continue to work in a job that they are not passionate about?

It may seem idealistic to think that everyone should feel passionate about their jobs but what if we did just that? What if we challenged ourselves to raise our intensity?

Don’t just clock in – jump in with both feet. Don’t just work the drive-thru window – meet new people, make new friends. Today make someone smile, make someone laugh out loud. Show people you have passion.

And if you can’t find the passion in your work. Find new work. Dull, lethargic people need not apply.