The Best of All Holidays

July 4th, 2013

By David Charles Chinnery, President & CEO

Happy FourthHistorians have long disputed whether Congress actually signed the Declaration of Independence on August 2nd , 1776 and not July 4th as commonly believed. Regardless, the 4th  has become recognized as the day the Thirteen Colonies legally separated from Great Britain.

July 4th  also marks, what I believe to be, the best holiday of the year – by far.

With all due respect to our friends in Great Britain, I can’t imagine a holiday celebrated with fish and chips instead of grilled hot dogs, potato salad and deviled eggs. While most U.S. holidays have foods-of-the-season, Independence Day meals are simple, fun and taste like America. A cupcake isn’t just a cupcake when topped with red, white and blue frosting.

Independence Day, unlike Memorial Day and Labor Day, is celebrated on its assigned date, July 4th . No imitation Monday holiday here. When the 4th  comes around each year, America stops and celebrates. Then we get up the next day and carry on with our lives. A simple, to-the-point celebration. No pretense. No debates. No protests. Just fun.

July 4th  parties take little planning or effort. Fire up the grill, put out the lawn chairs and the day has begun. Around sunset, gather with neighbors, family and friends at any number of firework shows around the city and the day is complete. That’s much easier than any of those fall/winter holidays that seem to drag on for weeks.

I’m certainly no scrooge but you’ve got to admire a holiday without the burden of gift-giving. Not that there is any rule against July 4th  gift-giving, but please don’t feel obligated – another reason July 4th  is simply the best day of the year.

Childhood memories also add to my delight in July 4th . I remember the smell of  reworks and smoke rising above Lake Lotawana as we watched the show from my Uncle Carl’s dock. Now that’s something to celebrate.

Last but not least, July 4th  is great because it’s a bank holiday. Not that we don’t love seeing our friends and customers with a hot dog in-hand. But we also relish the day with family and friends – celebrating everything that makes America great.