Your Bank Has a Face (book)

October 4th, 2012

The next time you visit the bank drive thru or teller window, glance at your teller receipt. In addition to your important banking information, you’ll see a name. It’s the name of the Adams Dairy Bank associate who took great pride in serving you that day.

We work very hard to know our customers, not just by name, but to know about you, your family and your business. We’ve even become very fond of the customer pets that occasionally come to visit the bank. And we want you to know us as well.

Did you know Kevin Vogt was recently re-elected treasurer of the Blue Springs Rotary Club? Have you stopped by our parking lot for a hot dog and lemonade on Saturday mornings? Or did you witness our wicked bowling talent at the Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation bowling tournament?

We enjoy being active members of our community. But when you can’t come join us, you can definitely join in the fun on our Facebook page. This is our way of inviting our customers to be even more engaged with our associates, not just as your bankers, but also as your neighbors.

So, the next time you get that sweet new truck, don’t be afraid to come by the bank and show us. You might even wind up on Facebook.

To get to know your bank better, follow us on Facebook.