Get Me Off This Roller Coaster

October 14th, 2011

Over the past two months the fluctuating stock market is creating nervousness among investors both institutional and individual. The general economy is reacting to the dramatic ups-and-downs of the market as if riding a roller coaster for the first time. It’s enough to make you queasy.

Savvy investors don’t experience as much motion sickness as others because, as a rule, they follow the old adage; don’t invest in the stock market, invest in companies.

Where you invest your money is just as important as whom you invest your money with.

Historically the most successful investors have not tried to time the market; instead they dig deep, looking for the best investments for that period of time. As dark as the market outlook may seem, there are still companies succeeding every day.

Smart investors also know that a bumpy ride due to market volatility is softened by investing in more stable investments like Certificates of Time Deposit (CDs) and Money Market accounts. And like choosing the right stocks for your portfolio, not all CDs or Money Market accounts are alike.

A wise investor will carefully choose these more stable investment instruments based on a number of factors including a close review of the institution serving them. An important part of choosing to invest in a CD or Money Market account would be to understand the bank behind the investment.

When choosing to invest in a stock it’s typical to consider a company’s leadership, philosophy and operating condition. The same should be true for the bank you select when purchasing investment tools like a CD. While interest rate is a very important factor, it’s not the only factor in making a safe, secure investment.

At Adams Dairy Bank we have safe, secure investment vehicles for you, your family and business. We invite you to sit down with us to understand the products we offer but more importantly, to understand our philosophy when it comes to investing for the future.

Regardless of the stock market’s performance over the coming months and years, rest assured that everyone at Adams Dairy Bank will do their part to help our community smooth out the bumpy ride.